GE Turbine Parts for Sale

   TCG, Incorporated has Frame 3 and Frame 5 parts available for sale. Please contact us for more information

GE Frame 3 Parts:

  • Discharge Casing Upper and Lower Halves(refurbished)

  • Turbine Casing Upper and Lower Halves

  • Turbine Exhaust Casing Upper and Lower Halve

  • Combusters Outer Casings, six (6)

  • Phil. Gear SN. 70000000899 with Fuel Control   Valve and Lube Oil Pump

  • Starting Steam Turbine SN. 1123345 with Clutch and Inlet Stem Valve

  • Auxiliary Oil Pump with Motor

  • Dual Oil Filters

  • Cooling Water Pump

  • 90-Degree Cooling Fan Drive

  • Gas Stop Valve









>>GE Frame 5 Parts>>


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