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Thomas C. Garrett has been a consultant and project manager in the large rotating machinery and heavy equipment industry since the late 1980ís. These projects have included, among other duties: (a) inspection, repair, disassembly, preparation for shipment, off-loading, and installation, including leveling and alignment, of equipment; (b) supervision of field personnel; and (c) handling transport permitting.

After serving in the U.S, Navy in the submarine service Tom was employed for eight years at Elliott Company and Energy Projects Engineering as a factory representative and worked on off shore oil platform equipment in the Caribbean and South America. These duties included responsibility for disassembly, cleaning and inspection, system alignment, pipe cleaning and blowdown, electrical circuitry, valve operation, start up, and fine tuning of the platform equipment. He also supervised turn-arounds on small and large steam turbines and compressors. A complete list of the equipment involved in these projects is available upon request.

In 1988 he formed TCG, Inc. as an independent consultant and has since worked on over thirty different projects in South America, Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States for companies including Proctor and Gamble, Texaco, Exxon, Shell, Du Pont, Pemex and Weyerhouser.

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